3 Key Safety Precautions to Learn From a Roofing Replacement Contractor

Roof Replacement Is a Risky Task

Your roof replacement is the last place to cut corners and take risks. Not only because you could be jeopardizing the safety and protection of your home, but you can put yourself in danger as well. Before jumping into this DIY roofing safety guide, we have to note that we strongly discourage anyone without roofing experience to attempt to replace their roof on their own. If you have experience with roofing and feel comfortable with heights and balance, then this DIY safety guide is for you! We’re going to give you 3 key safety precautions you can use when roofing your home from a roofing replacement contractor.

Safety Harness

It’s important to have a safety harness when you’re replacing your roof. Roofing is dangerous work no matter how experienced you are or what type of roofing system you’re using. Whether it’s working on an old roof with missing shingles that could collapse at any point or trying to climb back and forth between the roof and ladder on a steep pitch, having a safety harness is crucial. Roofing harness kits are sold at hardware stores, and online, or you can even piece together your own with some rope and carabiners from the hardware store.

Always Clean Your Roofs

Before you start any of the actual roofing work, you need to clean your roof and clear it of any debris, branches, or dirt to reduce the risk of slips and falls. If you’re tearing an old roof up, there will be tons of shingle pieces, dust, and nails all over your underlayment. Before you start laying down new shingles, take a broom and sweep everything off your roof to give you a clean working surface.

Never Work on a Wet Roof

Working on a wet roof will significantly increase the risk of falls, even if you have great roofing boots. Before you begin your roofing project, take a look at the weather forecast and make sure the weather will be clear while you complete your roof replacement. This will not only keep you safe but also prevent you from getting caught in the rain in the middle of your project and having to scramble to tarp your roof.

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