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How to Safeguard Your New Shingle Roof From Incoming Storms?

When it comes to protecting your home, roofs act as the first line of defense from outside elements. This is especially true when it comes to storms, which can cause extensive damage to an unprotected roofing system. With harsh storms on the horizon, it’s important to protect the newly installed shingle roofing of your home to ensure its safety. No worries as there’s reliable and affordable roofing services that you can book for that.

Seal and Seal Again

One of the essential steps to take after installing a new shingle roof is to seal the edges of the roof to prevent water from entering. Start by inspecting the shingle roof for any exposed gaps or holes, then use a sealant or tar to patch them up. Once this is done, go ahead and apply a layer of sealant on the surface of the shingle roof to provide extra protection.

Locating and Cleaning the Gutters

Clean and functioning gutters are critical to protecting your shingle roof from storm damage. First, locate your gutters and make sure they are clean and unclogged as they will help redirect water away from your roof. Additionally, check the downspouts that connect the gutters and clean them if necessary.

Secure Roof Components

The shingles of your roof are not the only components that need to be protected during a storm. If you have any other roofing components, such as ventilation shingles or attic rakes, make sure to secure them with nails or screws. Furthermore, inspect for any loose material and make sure that everything is tightly sealed and secured.

Keep in mind that bad storms can cause serious damage to your roof, so it’s important to maintain the safety of your shingle roof. To ensure the maximum protection for your roof, contact Star Windows Doors Siding and Roofing for a comprehensive inspection and any necessary repairs. We offer reliable and affordable roofing services to residents in Garfield, NJ. And if you have questions or if you want to book the quality services that we’re offering, feel free to give us a call at (862) 346-5653!

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