Roof Replacement Tips

Is Roof Replacement Necessary?

Roof replacement is exactly what it means, and involves removing the old shingles and felt and replacing them with new materials. It may also involve repairing or replacing the deck and any other damages that are revealed.

Here are the pros of a partial replacement.

Cost – A partial replacement is slightly more expensive a square foot than a total replacement.

Time – Partial replacement takes less time to do as it focuses on a smaller area.

Functionality – Since the new section is a new roof with new felt and new shingles, it will perform exactly like a new roof.

Partial replacement: Here are the cons.

Cost – The cost of removing and discarding the old materials is often just as expensive as a complete replacement. The base costs of setting up, getting a crew on site, dumpsters, etc., don’t change that much even when dealing with a small section of the roof.

Time – The average roof will only take 1–2 days to replace. The partial replacement does save you a day, however, will not benefit the older sections of the roof.

Re-roofing Your Roof

Total replacement is technically a repair because it does not replace the old shingles. It adds another layer of shingles on top of the old ones. It will offer some relief for a roof that has started to fail, however, there are a few major drawbacks.

Here are the pros of re-roofing your roof.

Cost – Re-roofing is the cheapest way to repair your roof, as there is no labor involved in removing the roof, so the savings are significant.

Time – Re-roofing is also the fastest way to get your roof covered with new shingles.

Functionality – With the new shingles, you will receive instant protection over the layer that has started to break down.

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