Siding Replacement Tips

Revitalize Your Home’s Exterior With Fresh Siding

You’ve just replaced the siding and it’s looking good. Now a few preventative measures can be taken to maximize the life of your siding. So here are things to do right after siding replacement:

Secure Fasteners

The most important way to maximize the lifespan of your newly installed siding is to make sure that all fasteners are installed correctly and securely. Be sure to check the fasteners periodically for any corrosion or rust. To make sure that the siding is totally secure, use extra caulking around all fastener areas.

Protect From Moisture

Moisture and siding are not a good combination. To ensure that moisture doesn’t get in, make sure your gutters are working properly and that the siding is sloped properly to allow water to run down. Look for any signs of water or moisture damage and repair it quickly. Also, keep water away from your foundation by maintaining proper landscaping.

Address Cracks and Holes

A siding’s greatest enemy is a crack or hole of some sort. These should be filled as soon as they appear to protect the siding from any further damage. It’s also very important to fill any holes in the wall beneath the siding since water can enter and cause damage.

Clean Regularly

Regular cleaning with the right tools and cleaning agents is essential to the preservation of your home’s siding. Pressure washing can cause more harm than good, so unless you know exactly what you’re doing, it’s best to bring in a siding repair expert for help.

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