Is It Time to Say Goodbye to Your Old Siding?

The siding of your home not only adds to its aesthetic charm but also serves as a critical line of defense against weather and environmental elements. Over time, even the best siding will need replacement, and identifying the signs early can save you from bigger headaches down the road. Here are the top three signs that suggest your home is due for a siding replacement.

Warped or Rotting Siding

If you see warping or bulging, it’s often an indication that something isn’t right underneath. When siding boards begin to rot or crumble upon probing, they are no longer providing adequate protection. This visual deterioration not only affects curb appeal. But may also lead to structural damage if water seeps through and compromises the underlying materials.

Frequent Need for Repainting

A quality siding should keep its color for at least 8-10 years. If it requires frequent repainting, this indicates issues with adherence, potentially due to siding material breakdown. Repainting becomes a band-aid solution, especially when a replacement might be the necessary course of action for long-term results.

Rising Energy Bill

An unexpected increase in heating or cooling costs could be related to compromised siding insulation. Adequate siding plays an essential role in your home’s thermal efficiency. If it’s failing, you’ll feel it indoors (with uneven temperatures) and in your wallet. In this case, you must check your system. Call professionals to help you.

Spotting these signs early on can lead to timely interventions that enhance your home’s appearance and functionality. If you’re dealing with warping or rotting planks, you will find yourself constantly repainting, or noticing fluctuations in energy costs within Garfield, NJ, consider calling Star Windows Doors Siding and Roofing for expert siding replacement. With our skilled team by your side, we can help ensure your home remains beautiful and protected. For a safe process, call us at (862) 346-5653 now!

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