Signs You Need Roof Replacement

When to Employ a Local Roofer

Heavy winds, strong storms, and other weather conditions could affect your roofing system. Damage can also result from falling debris such as branches of trees and animals that find your way to the roof. Even if the roof’s material is strong, it’ll sustain damage, specifically if it’s seen better days. In an event that your roof gets broken down by the elements, you should act fast to keep the issues from getting serious. Knowing the 3 signs that your home requires an emergency roof replacement will help you fix an issue.

Buckling and curling

When a shingle buckles, it bends upward in the middle, forming a peak. Buckling could result from improperly applied felt or the movement in the deck. Often, curling causes the corners of the shingle to turn up. It’s a result of an under-saturation of the shingle, an incorrect number of fasteners, nails positioned too high up, or the lack of ventilation.

Heavy impact

If heavy branches of trees fall on the roof during storms, it’s a sufficient reason to check what’s going on there. More often than not, a heavy impact like that can remove the roofing and damage materials that prevent leaks. Be more cautious when there’s a tree near your roof, and keep your eyes and ears open to any signs of heavy impact.

Missing shingles

Missing shingles result from improper fastening and exposure to high winds but can be replaced individually. If you decide to repair your roof, you might consider shingles that are specifically designed to withstand strong winds. Talk to roof maintenance firms!


Blisters don’t immediately mean that the roof is near its end. Bubbles and blisters will appear if moisture is trapped in the roof membrane. Bubbles increase in size, causing blisters as the temperature rises. It expands moisture trapped in the roof membrane. If the temperature drops, the air could contract, creating a gap in the membrane. Because of this, moisture goes into the void, causing the blisters to expand. It damages the structure of the roof. As soon as you notice bubbles forming in your roof, you must call a roofing company to repair the roof. If you have the budget, consider roof replacement.

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