Why Hire Licensed Roofing Contractors

Benefits to Hiring a Certified Roofer

While most homeowners enjoy doing their own DIY repairs, there are some jobs that will need expertise. Roofing work, especially, is best left to a professional, and hiring licensed roofing contractors is a must. Here are some benefits to hiring a certified and licensed roofer.

Ensures Good Work

Roofs serve various functions; in addition to protecting the occupants against rain and snow, it also offers structural support and insulation to ensure that heating and cooling bills are kept down. While it is tempting to perform seemingly minor repairs, doing so can result in problems that can mean higher repair costs in the future. Hiring a certified and licensed roofer ensures the job will be done properly the first time.


The job of a roofer is notoriously dangerous, more so if inattentiveness can result in a fatal fall. By hiring a licensed and certified roofer, homeowners will be able to protect themselves against this. Furthermore, roofing work often involves parts of a home’s electrical system, and even a minor mistake can lead to electrocution or a fire. Although handymen may provide some roofing services, most lack the safety training that roofers receive.

Legal Repairs and Renovations

All too often, homeowners overlook the need for permits when having work done on their homes, in addition to failing to take into account the legal requirements which often result in expensive fines further along the line. This is a potential risk if the work was done incorrectly, as an inspector could deem a home unsafe. Work that was not permitted could result in the homeowner having to pay to get the job done again.

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